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Zhejiang Jingtang Door Industry Co., Ltd. is China Glass Wooden Door Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Glass Wooden Door Factory.And it was founded in 2019, located in Jiangshan City, which is called “The Capital of Chinese Wooden Door” and enjoys convenient transportation and a beautiful environment. Our company has a general investment of $6000,000, a plant area of more than 27000 square meters, and 150 employees including 50 office staff and 100 workshop staff.

Our main products are PVC flush doors, veneer painting wooden doors, solid wood doors, glass doors, and other wood products. We have professional teams who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection, and company running to guarantee product quality and capacity. In addition, we have obtained I S O 9 0 0 1 and CE certificates. With an export license, we export products to Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Also, our brand “GUJIA DOOR” has gained a good reputation in the domestic market with over 200 shops around the nation. We have established long-term strategic cooperation with more than 5 domestic real estate companies to achieve one-stop service from wooden doors to overall home decoration.

Adhering to the business principle of mutual benefits, we have had a reliable reputation among our customers because of our professional services, quality products, and competitive prices. We warmly welcome customers from at home and abroad to cooperate with us for common success.

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Industry Knowledge Expansion About This Category

Glass wooden doors are an elegant and functional addition to any home or office. They are designed with a wooden frame and a glass panel, which provides natural light and enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space. 
There are several types of glass wooden doors available, each designed to suit specific needs and preferences. The most common types are:
1.Clear Glass Doors: These doors are designed with a clear glass panel, which allows natural light to flow into the room. They are ideal for spaces that require brightness and a sense of openness.
2.Frosted Glass Doors: These doors are designed with a frosted or opaque glass panel, which provides privacy while still allowing light to pass through. They are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices.
3.Stained Glass Doors: These doors are designed with a stained glass panel, which adds a decorative element to the space. They are ideal for entryways, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Advantages of Glass Wooden Doors
Glass wooden doors offer several advantages over other types of doors. Some of these advantages include:
1.Natural Light: Glass wooden doors allow natural light to flow into the room, reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a brighter and more inviting space.
2.Aesthetic Appeal: Glass wooden doors add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. They come in a variety of designs and styles, allowing homeowners to choose a door that complements their decor.
3.Energy Efficiency: Glass wooden doors can be designed with insulated glass, which helps to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs.
4.Durability: Glass wooden doors are designed with a wooden frame, which provides strength and durability. The glass panel is also resistant to scratches, cracks, and shattering.

Maintenance of Glass Wooden Doors
To keep glass wooden doors looking their best, regular maintenance is required. Here are some tips for maintaining these doors:
1.Clean the glass panel with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or solvents that can damage the glass.
2.Clean the wooden frame with a soft cloth and mild soap solution. Avoid using water or excessive moisture, as this can damage the wood.
3.Lubricate the hinges and locks of the doors periodically to ensure smooth operation.
4.Inspect the glass panel and wooden frame regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Repair or replace any damaged components as necessary.

Glass wooden doors are a beautiful and functional addition to any space. They offer natural light, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and durability. By following the maintenance tips outlined in this article, homeowners can ensure that their glass wooden doors remain in good condition and continue to enhance the beauty and functionality of their space.