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Zhejiang Jingtang Door Industry Co., Ltd. is a

China wood door manufacturers and cheap wholesale wood door factory

.And was founded in 2019, located in Jiangshan City, which is called “The Capital of Chinese Wooden Door” and enjoys convenient transportation and a beautiful environment. Our company has a general investment of $6000,000, a plant area of more than 27000 square meters, and 150 employees including 50 office staff and 100 workshop staff.
Zhejiang Jingtang Door Industry Co., Ltd.

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New Process

  • 361 ° Seamless Coverage

    361 ° Seamless Coverage

    The traditional edge sealing process is abandoned, and the "361 ° seamless coating technology" is adopted to hide the facing joints in the ...

  • Full coverage technology of profiled UV primer

    Full coverage technology of profiled UV primer

    By using the profiled UV spray line, all parts of the wooden door can be sprayed 360 ° UV in an all-round way to ensure that each part is ...

  • Anti deformation design

    Anti deformation design

    The original anti deformation technology is adopted to perfectly solve the problem of warping angle and deformation caused by long time use...

  • Diversified style design

    Diversified style design

    A variety of artistic styles, either fashionable, elegant, or romantic, meet the needs of different consumers, bring home beautiful home enjoyment ...

  • Artistic surface design

    Artistic surface design

    The artistic surface treatment endows Gujia wooden door with profound artistic connotation, thus breaking through the boundaries of the door ...

  • Humanized door handle design

    Humanized door handle design

    The ergonomic principle is applied to make the design of the doorknob more approachable. The handle is very comfortable, and even the moment of ...